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What are we going to do today?

  • The open range wildlife park in Goldau is well worth a visit, even on a rainy day. Drop in at the adjoining museum dedicated to the Goldau Slide of 1806.
  • Be a guest of the Fassbind Distillery in Oberarth for a guided tour. Degustation can be granted to groups of 10 persons and more.
  • Hikers will enjoy a trip to the Rigi - Queen of the Mountains with its great views and unspoilt landscape, perfect for winter sports, too.
  • The local cinema offers a varied movie programme throughout the year, except from Jan. - March, when it's operetta season.
  • Religious places: Parish Churches in Goldau and Arth, evang. reformed Church in Oberarth, Mor Augin monastery of the Syrian-orthodox congregation in Arth; St. George Chapel, Arth
  • Visit the exposition of works by the late artist Josef Rickenbacher
  • Follow the "Culture Track" which will bring you to the sites of historical interest; a brochure is available for Fr. 12.--
  • Visit The Gallery Meier in Arth.
  • Discover the 9 fine sculptures along the Skulpturenweg from Arth to Goldau or vice versa.
  • Stroll along the educational path Via Silva through the forest below the Rigi.
  • Have fun playing minigolf with Lake Zug only a few feet away. The facility is located in Arth and opens April to October
  • There are playgrounds for children both in Arth - next to the Post Office - and Goldau - in front of the Railroad Station.
  • The boats on Lake Zug offer day-time round trips as well as evening entertainment with live music and cuisine aboard.
  • In spring enjoy a walk through the countryside whith the cherry trees in full bloom Kirschstrasse.
  • If you are interested in botanics, take a 3 1/2h excursion through the Goldau Slide area, holding the protected species of Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium).
  • Go swimming in the Lake Bath Arth!
  • The nearby Swiss Knife Valley offers daily activities in the region, climbing, biking, hiking etc.
  • Also within easy reach is the bike lane around Lake Lauerz.
  • Visit the farm of the Kenel family Arth
  • The jogging track through the impressive Slide area is well suited for kids too.

You will find more details about most of the above-listed on the Internet and in the Bookshop in Goldau, open Tue-Fri 8:30-12:00 and 14:00-18:30, Sat 8:30-15:00. Or you can ask for special brochures at Arth-Tourismus, P.O.B. 230, 6410 Goldau, phone 041 855 54 30.